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The xx start work on second album, create blog

By ; November 3, 2011 at 12:04 PM 

It’s been over two years since The xx released their debut self-titled album, and while they’ve been away from touring it for a while we haven’t really known what they’ve been up to. Those hoping that they’ve been hard at work on a second album which could get announced any day now will be disappointed to discover that work on LP2 has only just begun. On a new website/blog xx-xx.co.uk they’ve left a small post as well as the above picture. The post reads as follows:

We have started recording our second album! We have also started this blog where we will post our inspirations + pictures + favourite songs. We hope you enjoy it! Lots of Love, The xx

I think this is a positive thing since a lot of bands who generate a lot of hype and create an amazing debut album have fallen foul of rushing straight into creating their second when they come off the road. I’m sure The xx have had time to relax and form full ideas before working on LP2. Even if it is another year or more until they release it I will be happy to wait.


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