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The Knife name new album and reveal mysterious trailer

By ; December 12, 2012 at 10:53 AM 

It’s been a long wait for a new album from The Knife; we’ve been following the breadcrumbs of news about a new album for some time now, and recent indications have shown that the album is not too far off. In what might be the most substantial indication of this, The Knife have uploaded a new video to their site entitled ‘we asked our friends and lovers to help us’. The full caption from the YouTube video is

Music can be so meaningless.
We had to find lust.
We asked our friends and lovers to help us.

Mysterious indeed. The video itself doesn’t really say or show anything substantial, but it certainly is intriguing. Watch below.

UPDATE: As Listen Before You Buy points out, if you look at the coding of The Knife’s homepage, the album title is revealed to be Shaking The Habitual. No news on when it will be out, but it can’t be too far off!


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