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The Flaming Lips plan to release new songs monthly

By ; January 3, 2011 at 12:25 PM 

In a new interview with Rolling Stone Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne had some interesting and potentially exciting news to share. The band, who have not released anything since 2009’s brilliant double album Embryonic, are ready to release some new songs, but this time they want to do it differently.

Coyne hopes at the moment to release a brand new song each month in 2011. The two main reasons he states for this idea are that they found the idea of recording a whole new album “daunting” (surprising considering the length of their last release) and that they didn’t want to keep touring without ever having any new material to play.

Rather than release the songs as free downloads Coyne wants to make the project even more interesting, perhaps trying different methods of release each time “The dilemma is whether we’re going to release it on vinyl, cereal boxes, or some of it on toys that we make.” At the end of the year Coyne believes they may do something with the songs as a whole.

Whatever comes out of this project, it’ll be interesting to see it unfold over the course of 2011. And if it means The Flaming Lips can stay on tour while they do it then all the better.


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