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Surfer Blood goes hi-fi for major label debut

By ; January 14, 2011 at 8:24 PM 

Last year, after one quite good album, the band Surfer Blood made a quick jump to the major labels (yes, they still exist) and joined the Warner Brothers music group. And while joining a major, including one like Warner which distributes for Sub Pop, Matador, and virtually everyone else, means very little these days, Surfer Blood seem primed to be more traditional indie-defectors with the recent statement that they will shed lo-fi with their next release.

In an interview with NME, Surfer Blood’s JP Pitts states, “we never intended to be lo-fi anyway…our songs are all quite big songs, it’s just that they were recorded on shitty equipment, in my apartment. They were lo-fi by accident.” What does this mean for their future? “The main difference next time around will be that I won’t be recording the entire thing in my apartment.”

This might affect their fan base, who seem to like the Astro Coast-sound just fine. Time will tell. Like it or not, the new, polished Surfer Blood plans an E.P. and L.P. for 2011.

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