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Sleigh Bells record with Beyonce for new album?

By ; January 25, 2011 at 7:19 PM 

Talk about the oddest pairing of 2011 so far…

According to M.I.A. producer Diplo, who wrote on his blog at MadDecent.com, the pop diva and the noise pop duo have been working in the studio together recently. He mentioned in his blog post yesterday that “me and switch was in studio in nyc tryin to make tracks with derek and beyonce last week after we played her team their album.

Confirmation from a now-deleted Sleigh Bells tweet stated “yeah damn beyonce on it was intense track may not get finished (?)“. Concerns about the track not getting finished were also expressed in Diplo’s blog, but with no explanation as to why. It also hasn’t been confirmed if this is a Sleigh Bells track featuring Beyoncé or vice versa, but Beyoncé has expressed interest in looking to create a “new genre of music” on her follow-up to I Am… Sasha Fierce. This collab would certainly create a ‘new genre’ we’d be interested to hear.

(Via NME)

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