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Slaughterhouse’s Mainstream Debut To Release In June

By ; April 4, 2012 at 12:20 PM 

While it was previously suggested by the super-group that their Shady Records debut would release May 15th, few took this date seriously. Push backs plague near every hip hop artist in the industry save the titans, and even the group implied the date wouldn’t stick, openly admitting they didn’t know a release date on stage during their SXSW performance.

Now, it seems Welcome to: Our House may have a real drop date, June 12th. Good news for fans of Shady 2.0 and hip hop alike. It’s hard to imagine how Eminem and friends will manage to sell the four MC’s lyrical assaults, but if they manage it, it will certainly be a great day for hip hop. Street single “Hammerdance” is already making rounds, and the genuine single is sure to arrive any day. Expect a who-who’s list of producers, hopefully a Dr. Dre beat or two, and a handful of Eminem features. Nothing to complain about there.

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