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Silver Jews’ David Berman starts blog

By ; January 17, 2011 at 6:51 PM 

If you are a fan of Silver Jews, it is probably for the insightful and hilarious lyrics of poet and songwriter David Berman. Or you are a Pavement fan and just listen for Stephen Malkmus’ contributions. But trust me when I say that if anyone should be blogging, it is David Berman.

The man who once began a song “I passed out on the fourteenth floor, the CPR was so erotic,” is doing just what nerdy music fans and lit-dweebs have dreamed of since the band suddenly called it quits two years back. That is: he is writing again. Berman has started a blog, mentholmountains, where he is posting stuff he likes, poetry, whatever. You know, a blog. What it will become is yet to be seen, but having one of the best, if overlooked, voices of our times back in the creative community is a blessing and worth checking out. Thanks to Pitchfork.

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