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2nd Consecutive Canadian Young Jeezy Show Ends In Gunfire

By ; April 6, 2012 at 2:20 PM 

Apparently Canada has a problem with ATLiens. While trap star Young Jeezy no doubt hails from a decidedly more gangsta corner of rap, it’s not every day he has to stop a show due to folk popping off shots. Yet, somehow, in Canada of all places, just that has happened. Twice. In a row.

The first event was the most dramatic, with concert goers getting into a fracas at the Sound Academy in Toronto. This led to gunfire, with one man seriously injured, rushed to the hospital with several gunshot wounds to the chest. Not surprisingly, Jeezy stopped and canceled the show.

Now the Toronto Sun is reporting it didn’t end there, with his next show – last night – at the London Music Hall in Ontario also descending into violence. Police were forced to invade the venue as shots again broke out, with two men taken to the hospital, one in serious condition.

Apparently not all is well in Canada. Maybe they’re tired of being the brunt of the joke and thought they’d show an American gangster how Canada can get down. Imagine if, rather than West Coast/East Coast, we have a Canada/US beef on our hands. Just kidding, but at least it’d end Drake’s career. Hopefully the rest of Jeezy’s tour will go on untarnished by gunfights, but stay tuned in case further absurdity ensues.

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