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Scarface & Beanie Sigel collab album well on its way

By ; May 11, 2012 at 12:18 PM 

As we previously reported, two of hip hop’s most underrated voices are coming together to release an album. Southern legend Scarface and the less recognized former Roc Boy badass Beanie Sigel revealed plans to record a joint effort last month, tenatively titled Mac and Brad, but little was said about when to expect the album, or if they’d completed any of it.

Now we have a bigger reason to get excited. Scarface revealed to MTV that they’re already well into the project, with each artist recording their own songs as bases, with the other than adding verses, an interesting idea that will hopefully successfully combine both MC’s styles. Face explains, “We doin’ songs, I got six, he got six. It’s a process that we go through to do this album.”

Scarface then promptly called Beans right on the spot (the opposite of their initial announcement, when Beans called in Face), having him chime in, giving the final word to get fans going: “It’s a reality now; you know our word is our bond. We said we gonna do somethin’, we gonna do it.”

The pair said to look out for the album next year. Let’s hope the hype builds and grants them the ability to release it even sooner. The two MC’s may come from very different backgrounds, but have a history of collaboration; essentially, this could make for one of the most rewarding rap albums on the horizon.

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