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Rumor: The Beatles Remastered Mono and Stereo Catalog to be released on 180 gram vinyl?

By ; June 7, 2009 at 10:38 AM 

Sgt. Peppers

It’s been confirmed that the CD remasters and Beatles Rockband game will be released on September 9, 2009, but now it appears that the remastered mono and stereo catalog will be released on 180 gram vinyl will also be tentatively released a month later on November 14.

according to my vinyl review:

Audiophiles, vinylphiles, and collectors alike would ideally like to see new analog-sourced vinyl of all of the original mono and stereo releases. Given the fact that it is unlikely that EMI would source vinyl releases directly from the analog tapes, hopes have turned to the possibility that high resolution 24/192 digital masters sourced from the original analog tapes will be used for the vinyl. This was done for the vinyl and sacds of the Rolling Stones Abkco remasters and the Doors vinyl boxset released last year. While there are varying opinions of the Doors boxset, the Stones vinyl was almost universally praised for its sound quality. And while the use of a high-rez master doesn’t automatically result in good sound, it makes for a potentially very nice sounding set.

November 14, 2009 has been mentioned by an industry insider as the tentative release date for the remastered Beatles vinyl. The same insider also said that the releases would come out on Capitol Records and named R.T.I. as the pressing plant slated for the job. The suggested retail price will reportedly be approximately $25.00, and given that price, one can also easily speculate that the vinyl will be 180 grams.

If R.T.I. is handling the pressing duties, prepare for either long delays of the Beatles releases, or for delays of other titles you might be waiting for this year. Last year’s releases of The Doors and Led Zeppelin boxsets were not only delayed themselves, but also caused numerous other vinyl projects to be slowed down and subject to delays–and neither of those projects came close to the magnitude of re-releasing the entire Beatles catalog.

Hmm, although I’d prefer the analog-sourced vinyl, I have hope for the digital masters.

The wait for September continues. Until then, back to Purple Chick.

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