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Rumor: Kanye West’s Good Ass Job Tracklist Leaked?

By ; July 8, 2010 at 7:36 PM 

There is a lot of talk going around that Kanye West’s Good Ass Job had the tracklist leaked this morning. Quite frankly, it’s all speculation at this point. The story going around is that his Mixer’s laptop was either stolen or hacked, and the tracklist along with the album itself was taken. Of course, anything with Kanye West is going to have people talking, but the internet is abuzz with talk over this. My guess is this is shenanigans, but hey, you never know.

The supposed tracklist is:

1. Hell of A Life
2. Dark Fantasy
3. Power
4. Chain Heavy
5. Ghetto University
6. That’s My Bitch
7. Runaway
8. Lost in the World
9. Gorgeous
10. Monster
11. Holding Me Back
12. Devil In A New Dress
13. The Joy
14. So Appauled
15. Blame Game
16. Sweat on My Face

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