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Reptar announce debut album for release on Vagrant; hear the first single

By ; February 22, 2012 at 2:31 PM 

Just by looking at their Windows 3.1-themed website or by hearing that they’ve given their debut album the bizarre name Body Faucet tells you a lot about about Reptar – but mostly it tells you that they’re a really fun band.This was evident on their Oblangle Fizz Y’all EP and seems set to continue on Body Faucet if the first single “Sebastian” is anything to go by.

But, although Reptar can often seem like goof offs, they take their music seriously; “When we were recording the album, we tried to strike a balance between giving each song it’s own distinct character and identity and still having the album feel like a cohesive statement,” they say of Body Faucet. Of the sound of the album, the band describes it as

“It feels like a long journey between a bunch of different parts of the same dream, some of them based in reality, some definitely not based in reality, and some based in space. We tried to keep a physical feel to all of the songs, where each one makes you want to move in a different way, while at the same time trying to create a specific and distinct feeling and atmosphere for each one.”

The album comes out through Vagrant Records on May 1st (cover art above). It was recorded with Animal Collective/Washed Out producer Ben Allen. Check out the track list below (which includes some brilliant song titles) and make sure you listen to the song “Sebastian.”

Body Faucet track list:

01. Sebastian
02. Please Don’t Kill Me
03. Isoprene Bath

04. Orifice Origami

05. Houseboat Babies
06. Natural Bridge

07. Ghost Bike
08. New House
09. Thank You Gliese 370 b
10. Sweet Sipping Soda
11. Three Shining Suns
12. Water Runs

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