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R.E.M. joins the listening-party trend

By ; February 26, 2011 at 5:47 PM 

I like listening to music at parties. Usually it is in the background while I get loaded and embarrass myself. I also like parties with live music. But parties centered around listening to an album, well, I’m on the fence here. But the idea sure is intriguing, no?

We recently told you about Panda Bear’s second listening party for Tomboy, which is an in-person affair. Now, we are pleased to inform you about an R.E.M. listening party. And this one you can all attend, because it is on the internet!

Beginning Monday, February 28th, Spotify Premium users in the UK, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, and Finland can listen to all twelve tracks of Collapse Into Now as part of Spotify’s exclusive listening party. You can get in on that here.

Next, the endangered NPR will be offering a listening party on March 1st for American audiences. This will be the first chance for U.S. audience to hear the album, which also features a live chat with other fans, and you can take part by clicking here. If you miss it, NPR will start streaming the album on March 2nd.

Finally, little-known micro-publication Rolling Stone will host a third listening party on March 4th. Check it out here. And if you can’t wait until next week, check out this interview with the band which features some pieces of new tracks. Enjoy.


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