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Prodigy to be released from prison

By ; January 24, 2011 at 4:54 PM 

Mobb deep fans rejoice, come March 7th, Prodigy will be a free man. He’s been serving a three year sentence for a gun charge, and the MC has been none too quiet about his arrest, blaming the “hip hop police” and the fact that he dissed (of course) the Illuminati.

In Prodigy’s absence, partner Havoc has been doing his best to keep the Mobb brand alive, doing production work all across the board, including for last year’s best-selling album, Recovery. Prodigy’s sentence left the Mobb name in an awkward position, following Jay-Z’s “Takeover” and connected disses, the group floundered for a time, before ultimately choosing to align with G-Unit records during their period of dominance. Fans found this a decision too rooted in business and too distanced from the grit the duo once boasted, and their would-have-been return to glory Blood Money flopped critically, if not commercially. Long since released from their contract with G-Unit, and – come March – with the front man back on the street, we can hopefully look forward to a true return to form, from a duo that once dominated.

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