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Panda Bear’s Tomboy gets a release date

By ; January 14, 2011 at 3:06 PM 

It seems as though the serious case of blue balls that a large portion of the alternative community have been suffering from will soon be coming to an end. Panda Bear, aka Noah Lennox, has been dangling the promise of a new album (the follow up to much-loved 2007 album Person Pitch) for quite a while now.

Originally expected some time in 2010, Tomboy‘s release date was pushed back indefinitely although we did get a few limited edition singles “Tomboy,” “You Can Count On Me” and “Last Night On The Jetty” (which you can check out here, here and here respectively).

It has now been revealed that Tomboy will see the light of day on April 19th through Lennox’s own label Paw Tracks.

Much of the album itself has been shrouded in much mystery outside of the singles, but Lennox has been clear that it is not another iteration of the Person Pitch or Merriwether Post Pavilion sounds that put him and Animal Collective on the map.

“I got tired of the severe parameters of using samplers. Thinking about Nirvana and the White Stripes got me into the idea of doing something with a heavy focus on guitar and rhythm,” said Lennox. “With regards to where I am with Tomboy, I’m definitely reliving middle school and all the Baltimore R & B radio we used to ingest.”

Old stands in tension with the new, a tension analogic to the album’s motif and its very name: “A lot of the songs are about something that’s in conflict with itself, so the image of a ‘tomboy’ has become the overseeing figure as far as the group of songs go.”

Lennox is getting some help from Sonic Boom to finish the mixing.

Lennox has stated that he believes that he has already toured the material from Tomboy enough and will now resume work with Animal Collective.

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