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Odd Future’s Earl starts new imprint, talks style changes

By ; May 2, 2012 at 3:46 PM 

The true resurgence of Earl Sweatshirt has only just begun. Since the young MC returned from his boarding school sojourn, he’s recorded verses with the rest of his OF collective, reached out to Santigold, and so on. Now, however, he’s making real moves. The Times reports that Earl has signed with Columbia Records for an imrint of his own, dubbed Tan Cressida. The MC claimed he passed on other, higher paying, offers, in order to remain associated with his Odd Future brethren.

Also of note, is the fact that prior speculation as to whether his time abroad had altered the MC’s view on his offensive lyrics – previously more or less dismissed by fans wishing to hear otherwise – turns out to be true. Apparently, during his time at the school, Earl volunteered with victims of sexual abuse, which he explained, “….was a pivotal moment… I had already come to the conclusion that I was done talking about…. there’s no defense for like– if you have any ounce of humanity.”

What do you think, is there still a rising star in Earl Sweatshirt? Hipsters have become increasingly fond of declaring Sweatshirt the best Odd Future has to offer, now that the rest of the crew has more or less officially left the realm of indie-sensible, but will they remain loyal as Earl begins to make changes to his musical perspective? Only time will tell.

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