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News Round-up: While we were out…

By ; January 2, 2011 at 9:52 PM 

Oh boy, we’ve missed quite a bit of news while we were out…

-For Christmas, Gorillaz released a new album entitled The Fall. The album was recorded over the span of a month, on an iPad, while Albarn and company were touring the United States. Gorillaz fan-club members were given a free download of the album. Everyone else can stream it for free over at the Gorillaz website.

-More XMas goodies. Tons of bands put out releases just in time for the holiday. Yeasayer released a “name your price” live album from Brussels, Klaxons released a free EP entitled Landmarks of Lunacy, and Muse introduced us to the future with a 360-degree performance of them playing “Uprising” at Wembley.

-Mixtapes: jj released a mixtape entitled Kills over on GvB, and M.I.A. released a Wikileaks inspired mixtape, ViCKi LEEKX.

-Geoff Barrow of Portishead promised us some split headline Arcade Fire/Portishead shows for 2011. No dates specified yet.

-Kanye West’s “Monster” video leaked. Nicki Minaj manages to steal the spotlight on the video just as she does on the track itself. Don’t believe us? Check it out here.

-Lady Gaga announced that her new lead single “Born This Way” and her upcoming album Born This Way, will be released February 13th and May 23rd respectively.

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