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New Lil Wayne material imminent

By ; November 14, 2010 at 1:20 PM 

With Lil Wayne out of prison, the rumor mill has really got to churning, from whispers of tracks dropping to the more bizarre: Wayne getting turned away at a casino in Vegas, Wayne allegedly punching Drake (finally!), a rumor to which Drake stupidly lent credence by claiming it was over a game of punch buggy rather than simply denying it.

The greater question looming however, is can Wayne regain his spot? Having dropped what can only be regarded as two duds in a row, some are calling Weezy washed up, while others argue the time spent off drugs and away from the world will have re-centered the MC. Hence, the anticipation for a new song is palpable: if it kills, the haters won’t have a leg to stand on, if it doesn’t, people will really get to wondering if Wayne came back at all.

Young Money President Mack Maine tweeted that Wayne had laid down his first post-prison verse, and what followed was apparently a titanic 15 hour recording session, with more to follow the next day. Nobody but Wayne, right? Reportedly, Cool & Dre had 50 beats waiting just for Weezy, and (gasp) he’s even writing down his material these days.

Wayne’s manager has claimed that one particular track is ready to go, and that it should hit the Internet any day now. (In fact, he stated that it should be available as soon as yesterday, so hold your breath, this could happen literally any second).

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