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New Born Gold album Little Sleepwalker slated for October release

By ; August 13, 2012 at 9:19 PM 

Cecil Frena’s frenetic, difficult to place future-pop project Born Gold (previously known as GOBBLE GOBBLE) released their excellent debut LPBodysongs, last year, and their former collaborators/bedfellows Purity Ring recently released one of our favorite debuts of the year. So now’s just about as good a time as any to get excited about new music from the project. In an interview with Forbes, Frena revealed that the follow up to BodysongsLittle Sleepwalker, will be released on October 23rd via Audraglint Recordings. On the progression from Bodysongs to this record, Frena wrote:

Little Sleepwalker is not a pop record. Instead, I essentially made a prog record built from pop and club signifiers. Scary words. Where Bodysongs is structurally direct, Little Sleepwalker is labyrinthine and circuitous: Where Bodysongs is vocally enthusiastic or hyper-earnest, Little Sleepwalker is withdrawn and even humble. … I imagine the role that pop music plays on Little Sleepwalker is going to be disorienting for a lot of people, because pop is usually on the throne and not the vivisection table.

Frena also spoke at length about writing and recording Little Sleepwalker‘s follow-up, saying that “if Bodysongs is thesis and Little Sleepwalker antithesis, this next one is synthesis.”

Read the entire interview here.

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