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Metric readies new album for spring 2012

By ; October 3, 2011 at 4:20 PM 

With the year winding down, you have probably noticed a dryspell for album announcements, as very little usually is slated for the end of the year. But, it is also a time that we can begin to look forward to next year, as our dance card rapidly fills with albums to anticipate. And now we can add Metric to the list of bands we should expect to hear from in 2012, as Emily Haines conducted an interview with Spin in which she indicated a spring release as the target for the yet-to-be-titled new Metric album.

As for the sound of the new record, which the band is hard at work on, Haines had this to say:

There’s no room for anything weak on an album these days, in my opinion. We have too much respect for our fans to just indulge in something for ourselves — we’ll save that for the concerts. [Laughs] Sonically, we just want it to be fucking beautiful. That’s all we’ve ever wanted, and we just keep trying to inch closer to the sound we hear in our heads. And this time, we’ve had the benefit of being able to get even more vintage microphones and beautiful synths into our studio. We installed hardwood there, and made the place feel really good, so we could keep pursuing the sounds that we hear in our mind.

Elsewhere, Haines revealed that the band has “13 songs ready to mix, which they recorded in their own Giant studio in Toronto and at New York’s historic Electric Ladyland.” For more from Haines on Metric, check out the full interview here.

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