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Medeski, Martin & Wood Will Release ‘Radiolarian’ Box Set on November 24th

By ; September 14, 2009 at 5:57 PM 


For the past 2-years Medeski, Martin and Wood has been working on their three part Radiolarian Series, named after some interesting looking single celled organisms and drawings by Ernst Haeckel. The basic idea was to turn the recording industry method backwards and inside out: brainstorm some ideas, tour and see what happens, record what happens and pray that it’s good. Now after 2 years of intense work and performance Medeski, Martin and Wood is releasing Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set which contains: Radiolarians I, II and III (with bonus material), a 10 track disc of remix music, a previously unreleased live album (~ 70 minutes), a double vinyl LP set consisting of highlights and if all of this wasn’t good enough for you Medeski, Martin and Wood decided to make a DVD feature film entitled Fly In A Bottle (dir. Billy Martin).

The Box Set will be released under Indirecto Records on November 24th. This sounds like the perfect end to two years of intense work.

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