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Male Bonding announce new album, give away MP3

By ; June 9, 2011 at 1:43 PM 

I remember the first time I heard “Year’s Not Long,” it exploded out of my speakers, and I knew that the band that I had watched grow from their roots in London to releasing an album on Sub Pop had finally made it. It seems they have not slowed down one bit, since they’ve already prepared the follow up to Nothing Hurts, called Endless Now.

Not only that, but the band seem to have grown even further in that time. The first track to be released from Endless Now, called “Bones,” is over six inutes long, dwarfing anything from their debut. The band spent two weeks in Dreamland Recording Studio, New York, putting the album together. This is the longest time the band have had to settle down and record material, and may be partly to explain for the growth in sound. That and all the touring, seeing the world, meeting people, exciting fans night after night, all that jazz.

The album is coming out on Sub Pop on August 30th. Check out the MP3 of “Bones” below, and get excited.

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