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Madonna and Prince end twenty-year feud

By ; January 23, 2011 at 7:48 PM 

There was a time when Madonna and Prince were inseparable. The larger-than-life pair not only dated, but even dueted on Madonna’s 1988 track “Love Song.” But since then, the two have traded countless public jabs, never seeming to get over whatever broke them up. But people grow up. And in both their cases, they grow old. But it’s nice to see the two maturing as they enter their fifties.

Rolling Stone reports that at one of Prince’s January 18th show at Madison Square Garden, Madonna was noted to be in attendance. And to reciprocate this sign of respect, Prince gave her a shoutout from the stage, saying “I know I’m expensive!” Sure it took twenty plus years to get the two to put aside their public feud, but maybe the many other music celebrities who seek the media to air their grievances can learn that time might heal all wounds and it won’t hurt to expedite the process.

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