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Lil B unexpectedly drops new album, I’m Gay (I’m Happy)

By ; June 30, 2011 at 10:27 AM 

Lil B - I'm Gay (I'm Happy)

This whole method of releasing music on a moment’s notice without any official build-up is really catching on. Now, even The BasedGod is in on it.

We’ve known for a while that Lil B had a new album, controversially titled I’m Gay (I’m Happy), on the way. There just weren’t any revelations about exactly when it would arrive. But there’s no longer a need for speculation, because the Berkelely rapper has officially — and unexpectedly — released his new material. Right now, the album is available to buy from iTunes for $9.99.

You can see exactly what songs are featured on the album below.

I’m Gay (I’m Happy) Tracklist:
01. Trapped In Prison
02. Open Thunder Eternal Slu
03. Game
04. Unchain Me
05. Neva Stop Me
06. Gob Be Okay
07. The Wilderness
08. I Hate Myself
09. Get It While Its Good
10. I Seen That Light
11. My Last Chance
12. 1 Time Remix


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