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Les Savy Fav push up Root for Ruin release, out tomorrow

By ; August 2, 2010 at 4:39 PM 

Admit it! If you’re reading this post there’s a pretty good chance that you downloaded Les Savy Fav’s latest album Root for Ruin way ahead of it’s initial September 14th release date (I sure did). And if you’ve done so, then hopefully you felt guilty and donated to the band on their website possibly after seeing their humorous Twitter page and before applying the clever alternative artwork to your MP3s (God knows I should have, sorry Tim).

The band have now decided to push up the release of the album. Root for Ruin will now be available on iTunes tomorrow, August 3rd, in North America. Physical copies will be available shortly thereafter through Frenchkiss. Do the right thing folks and make sure the band gets their due whether it be through a donation, a preorder/download, or through the purchase of a physical copy. After all, they have handled this situation pretty well. I for one will be will be anticipating downloading my legitimate copy through iTunes tomorrow morning.

Donate to the band
Pre-order now via iTunes

[Via Tiny Mix Tapes]

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