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Kisses announce new album; listen to “The Hardest Part”

By ; February 6, 2013 at 10:23 AM 


Kisses will return this year with a new album, coming our way via Cascine Records. Kids in LA will be released on 14th May, three years after 2010’s most enjoyable The Heart of The Nightlife. Below you can hear the first taste of what the new album will sound like with “The Hardest Part.” It seems that their sound has been beefed up, but the duo still lean heavy on drum machines while lead singer Jesse Kivel is still using love and all that love entails as his main inspiration. Not that that’s a bad thing, though, as the track is a greatly enjoyable cut, complete with another catchy chorus on offer. Listen to “The Hardest Part” below, and after that you can check out the album’s tracklisting.

Kids in LA

1. Up All Night
2. The Hardest Part
3. Huddle
4. At The Pool
5. Funny Heartbeat
6. Air Conditioning
7. Having Friends Over
8. Bruins
9. Adjust Glasses

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