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Julia Holter announces new album; listen to opening track “World”

By ; May 22, 2013 at 8:50 PM 


While it was her second proper LP, Julia Holter’s Ekstasis in many ways served, and had the feeling of, a debut, both in introducing her to a wide audience and as the true genesis of a developing ethereal sound. For those proud few intimately familiar with Linda Perhacs, the influence is clear, and an exciting venture back towards a musical era long since, seemingly, more or less abandoned. Hence, hopes have been high for her third release, fans waiting with baited breath.

That time is nearly here, with the announcement of Loud City Song. Judging from the first taste of the album, one would certainly be remiss in judging from a title, as despite the implications of something potentially grander, Holter is continuing – floating, rather – down a path akin to her signature sound. You can check the video for “World” below, the album’s opener. The backing is growing more lush, but the track is still Holter, through and through. This most noticeable difference is the greater focus on her lyricism, her words not buried beneath the environment, instead at the forefront, and more thoughtful than before.

Loud City Song arrives August 20th, view the track list and listen to “World” below.

Track list:

1. World
2. Maxim’s 1
3. Horns Surrounding Me
4. In The Green Wild
5. Hello Stranger
6. Maxim’s 2
7. He’s Running Through My Eyes
8. This Is a True Heart
9. City Appearing

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