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Jeff Tweedy previews new Wilco album for fans

By ; April 9, 2009 at 5:45 PM 

tweedy show

Photo by Via Chicago user Högsta Domstolen.

Every year, for Second City, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy lets people bid on Living Room shows, where he actually goes to someone’s house and plays a very intimate acoustic show. Well, he did one the other night (April 4th), and members of Via Chicago were there, and Jeff was nice enough to play them 11 new Wilco songs, not acoustic, but over the speakers as the real thing. However, the (still untitled) record was unmastered and the tracklist is not confirmed, but its simply an order Tweedy threw together. Quotes, the “tracklist”, and the setlist from the show are after the jump.

Supposed order, from bbop:

01. Wilco the Song
02. Bull Black Nova
03. One Wing
04. You and I
05. Solitaire
06. You Never Know
07. Conscript/I’ll Fight
08. Deeper Down
09. My Country Disappeared
10. Sonny Feeling
11. Everlasting Everything

Quotes on the sound of the new album from Via Chicago users:

“In my opinion, this album does not sound like Sky Blue Sky.”

“I was excited for the album to be released before, but after hearing it last night, the 2.5 month wait feels excruciating. I agree with Brianne: I don’t think it sounds like SBS. I also don’t think it gives off a “strong country vibe” as Rolling Stone suggested. I love Sky Blue Sky, and I love what I heard last night. They are not, however, alike.”

“Agreed. The “country” tag probably came from the handful of songs with Nels on the slide, but if that’s country, I’d like to know which country we’re talking about (or planet, even).”

“There are some really interesting sounds on the new album… I really enjoyed it! It is full of really lush layers .. everyone in the band stands out on the songs at different points. ”

“It was a real treat to hear the new album. I honestly can’t do it justice after only one listen, but June can’t come soon enough. Some very cool, intense songs that will be amazing live. Poppier than the last album (which I love), and like Wilco’s entire catalogue, totally unique. Don’t expect another SBS, YHF or Summerteeth. Don’t expect a cherry to taste like a pear. A “beginner’s mind” will not disappoint.”

“You and I is a vocal sharing duet, not a vocal trading duet – if that makes sense. Somehow before we listened I’d been imagining the latter, so I was a little surprised when I asked what they’d do for Feist’s parts live, and Jeff said “Not sing them?” Now I understand.”

“If I’m remembering correctly, it’s Spiders-esque. Not quite as heavy-sounding, if that makes any sense, but definitely influenced by Neu! and the like. The Krautrock lives!”

“I don’t think I can make any particularly insightful comments about Glenn’s percussion after one listen. There aren’t any crazy drum solos that I remember, like on Let’s Not Get Carried Away or something like that. It just sounds like Glenn (although I heard that Jeff mentioned to someone at the show, at a specific point — I’m not sure where — that a particular sound had come from Glenn throwing a beanbag against a wall or something).

As far as the sound, knowing that one of the band’s goals was to use the studio more as an instrument, I think they succeeded at that. I’m not sure if it’s because of the overdubs or what, but to me there was a “layered” element that maybe wasn’t as present on, say, Sky Blue Sky, which, if I’m not mistaken, was mostly played live in the studio.

Someone had told me he thought this record was a natural progression of everything that has come before. I didn’t really understand what he meant at the time, but I get that a little more now. It’s not radically different than what this lineup has produced, but it doesn’t necessarily seem like more of the same either.”

“I will say this, I think there is a little bit more of a pop element on this record that maybe was missing from the past couple of efforts. A couple of songs are really catchy, and I mean that in a good way.”

“There were chimes in at least two songs.”

“I’d agree with the layering mentioned previously. There was a lot going on in some of the songs, in a good way, and I’m really eager to listen again and pick out more specifics. It’s a little overwhelming to take in on first listen, with one of the album’s creators sitting behind you. There are also phrases I keep remembering from some songs, and I want to get more of the story. And the stuff I remember seems a little dark – from S(u/o)nny Feeling and Bull Black Nova.”

and the setlist:

That Year
I’m A Wheel
Summer Teeth
Pot Kettle Black
Christ For President
When You Wake Up Feeling Old
Sky Blue Sky
Six Months in a Leaky Boat [Split Enz (Tim Finn)]
I Got You [Split Enz (Neil Finn)]
Jesus, etc.
I’m Always In Love
Radio King
I Can’t Keep From Talking
Barstool Blues
More Like The Moon
Glad and Sorry [Faces]
Laminated Cat
Fake Plastic Trees [Radiohead]
At My Window Sad and Lonely
Blood of the Lamb
How To Fight Loneliness
I Wanna Be Your Dog [The Stooges]
California Stars
Dreaming [Blondie]
Sir Duke

Expect the new Wilco record in late June via Nonesuch.

-Ryan Nichols

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