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Janelle Monae working on new album

By ; June 17, 2011 at 1:29 PM 

Photo by Philip Cosores

Yeah, The ArchAndroid just came out last year, but many folks (especially people around here) really loved it and a follow-up could not be coming soon enough. So, good news! Ms. Monae is indeed working on a new album, as reported by MTV.

In an interview, Monae said she is “recording, writing, [and] playing instruments” for her next record, with MTV claiming that “the new set — which will likely be released on Monáe’s own label Wondaland Arts Society via Bad Boy/Atlantic Records — aims to be larger in scope than The ArchAndroid and its predecessor, 2007’s EP Metropolis.”

Monae discussed this further: “This album will have very strong concepts and bigger ideas and the music will just go forward to another level. It will still be, I believe, relatable to the people. We have a really big ideas, I must say, and we’re just trying to make sure we execute them properly.”

“The concepts will be very strong. That’s really what I can say … I don’t plan on stopping the formula or stopping myself from creating new formulas. My message is that I want to reach the people – the people who work each and every day. I want to create music that will be their choice of drug whenever they feel oppressed or depressed. [I want to] create something that will remain timeless, hopefully, and the next generation can be inspired by it. And creating a blueprint — one where people can understand that you don’t have to take the same coordinates to get to the same destination. But it will be jamming. I will say that much. It’s gonna be jamming.”

And when can we expect the new album? Well, Monae was a little cryptic about that. “When the frog leaps on me and I rise and take a shower, and the rain drips down on my back. I pick it up and a message appears: ‘It’s time. It’s time, child. Move forward.’”


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