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Free James Blake live album given away

By ; February 11, 2012 at 7:17 PM 

Considering how much James Blake has put out in the last two years, we wouldn’t necessarily expect to have received anything new from him this early in 2012. He has put up a free live album on his Tumblr which features live renditions of songs that have almost all been previously released, including most of his debut album James Blake. It also features the most definitive version of “Anti-War Dub” that we have received so far. Although a note on the bottom of the post that “this is not an official album,” it should still be of interest to all James Blake fans. EDIT: Obviously, having looked at it some more, this is a fan-made compilation, but still worth the time.

Check out the track list below and grab the album here.

01. Unluck (Live)
02. The Wilhelm Scream (Live)
03. I Never Learnt To Share (Live)
04. Lindisfarne (Live)
05. Limit To Your Love (Live)
06. Give Me My Month (Live)
07. To Care (Like You) (Live)
08. Anti-War Dub (Live)
09. Klavierwerke (Live)
10. CMYK (Live)
11. Once We All Agree (Live)
12. A Case Of You (Live)
13. Enough Thunder (Live)
14. Love What Happened Here (Live)
15. Tep And The Logic (Live)


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