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Izzy Stradlin release new album Smoke

By ; December 12, 2009 at 12:00 AM 


Former Guns N’ Roses rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin released his latest album Smoke on December 10 in typical Izzy-fashion, meaning next to no promotion, with little to no warning, and only through iTunes. Smoke is Stradlin’s ninth solo album, not counting his first album after leaving GN’R with backing group The Ju Ju Hounds, and his fifth to only be released digitally through iTunes.

Smoke features Izzy Stradlin on vocals and guitar with his regular band; Rick Richards on guitar, J.T. Longoria on bass and Taz Bentley on drums, plus Timo Kaltio. Stradlin is also contributing to former GN’R guitarist Slash’s upcoming solo debut.


01. Nothing On Me
02. Too Hot
03. 30k Up
04. Dehydrated
05. Comfort Zone
06. Snow
07. I’m Breathing In
08. Gotta Go
09. Driving Down
10. Smoke (instrumental)

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