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Isis split after thirteen years (1997-2010)

By ; May 19, 2010 at 12:30 AM 

However you feel about the term “post-metal,” you have to admit that it conveys a certain sentiment–the idea that the music being made somehow goes beyond what the traditional understanding of what metal is. If we’re going by that, Isis was a band that embodied that essence. Utilizing everything from metal, to prog, to minimalism, Isis created a deep, layered sound that made fans and critics consider them contemporaries of groups like Boris, all while accruing a great deal of respect within the music community.

After a 13 year run (quite impressive, in the grand scheme of things), Isis has decided to burn out instead of fade away, as their blog suggests. The band feels that they’ve accomplished the goals they set out to achieve, and now, they must say goodbye.

As they mentioned in their farewell message, the band still has a few tour dates planned, so catch them if they stop in your city–it will be the last opportunity.

Here’s to Isis–and good luck in future pursuits.

Read the band’s blog here.

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