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Is Madvillain LP2 Complete?

By ; June 22, 2009 at 4:30 PM 


A shot from the J.Rocc & Madlib show in Paris. Photo from the Stones Throw site

Metal Faced seems to think so:

J.Rocc & Madlib were recently over in Paris for a few nights doing Stones Throw shows, and we’re hearing that J.Rocc spun a couple of cuts from the new Madvillain album.

DOOM has said he will have some more releases this year, so is the second Madvillain album coming soon? I certainly hope so.

[There’s some footage of J.Rocc spinning the MV2 cuts on YouTube, but the audio quality is terrible and nothing can really be made out]

Stones Throw also posted this picture from the tour up on their website…

Well let’s check out the CD above. It reads 4/09; April 2009.

But back in April, Hip Hop DX published this interview with DOOM:

[Swift & Changeable (the project with Ghostface Killah) is] about 40% done. Forty-two percent done, if I had to say. But then it’s hard to gauge because everything is speeding up now, so it could probably be done real fast, within two months I could have it done. Madvillain seems like it’s closer to being done. I’m working on the shit now. That shit’ll be done within the next two months. I don’t know when they gonna put it out. Otis [Madlib] is the producer, so I don’t really have to do too much. I think on this record, we’re mixing it up. I’ll have more production on this one. We’re thinking of doing half and half on production and half and half on content. I’m also working on a record for Williams Street, that’s Adult Swim’s record company. I think I’m gonna do [the alias King] Ghidra on there. I’m not gonna set that in stone, but I think Ghidra might be coming out on Williams Street. So by the end of the year, all of them will be done.

So really, who knows? But we’re bound to get at least one more DOOM-related release this year. Please?

Here’s that Youtube clip that was referenced before. Yes, the sound quality is truly terrible.

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