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Introducing: Kyle Krone

By ; June 8, 2011 at 5:59 PM 

Photo by Justin Taylor Smith

Kyle Krone is most notably known as the founder and front man in the recent Southern California rock band The Shys. However, you might not have known that since the group disbanded near the end of 2009, Krone has kept busy creating an entirely new body of work that has become his solo debut. This freshly released material is definitely a new musical direction for Krone and we are excited to share. Have a listen:

Kyle says of his music:

“This is stuff that I have always been into but, you know, when you have a rock band with two guitars it doesn’t really work; Shys just kind of did their thing. In May or April of last year I decided I was going to do this on my own because I had quite a few songs building up and it started to sound like it could be a record. I started recording at home and then in August I finally took it to the big studio in LA with the help of an engineer friend I have worked with forever, Mark Rains. I had a couple friends come out and play and basically went in there and made the record on my own with some friends. Since then I started my own little imprint called Young Volcano to put this stuff out.”

KK has released three singles, which you can hear at his bandcamp, as well a video for the song, “Driving Deloreans,” which you can watch below. A release for his full length is expected this summer. Krone says he is working out the kinks on exactly how to pull off these layered tunes live and can be expected to play dates this summer. Enjoy the new songs and stay tuned for more from KK!

Photo by Justin Taylor Smith


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