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Interpol’s Paul Banks reveals 2nd album details

By ; August 6, 2012 at 10:51 AM 

Interpol’s Paul Banks seems to have figured out he wasn’t getting all too much attention from his Julian Plenti moniker. Dropping the name from his latest project, the Interpol frontman isn’t using any of the other alteregos he’d hinted at either, instead opting to go with the simply titled Banks.

Sometimes less is more. Check out the tracklist below, the artwork above, and look out for the LP come October 23rd.

1. The Base
2. Over My Shoulder
3. Arise, Awake
4. Young Again
5. Lisbon
6. I’ll Sue You
7. Paid For That
8. Another Chance
9. No Mistakes
10. Summertime is Coming

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