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Iceage announce new album

By ; December 11, 2012 at 1:46 PM 

Less than a year after their blistering debut album New Brigade, Danish band Iceage have their follow-up record at the ready and will release it next year. You're Nothing (yay for apostrophes!) will be released February 19th via Matador and Eshco Records, and that's the album artwork above. After offering up locks of hair from the band's members and knives, it's probably best the Iceage get back to offering up music instead, despite how anti-punk that might sound. Check out the tracklisting to You're Nothing below. You're Nothing 01 Ecstasy 02 Coalition 03 Interlude 04 Burning Hand 05 In Haze 06 Morals 07 Everything Drifts 08 Wounded Hearts 09 It Might Hit First 10 Rodfæstet 11 Awake 12 You're Nothing
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