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Help the Miracles of Modern Science fund the release of their debut album

By ; November 15, 2010 at 2:08 PM 

Our good friends, the Miracles of Modern Science have finished the recording of their debut album. Awesome, right? Well, there’s still quite a bit more to do: they still need to mix all the songs, master the album, press, package, and distribute it. The problem is that this all costs money to do.

You can help though! The bands have set up their own Kickstarter page where you can donate to the cause and get some cool perks in exchange.

The band has already raised $6,775 of their $15,000 goal and are now featured on the Kickstarter homepage, but they need to raise the rest of the money in the next 23 days. Please do your part and help an up-and-coming band share their music with the world.

Miracles of Modern Science Kickstarter page

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