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Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor goes solo as CANT, sets album release date

By ; June 17, 2011 at 9:59 PM 

While Grizzly Bear remain frustratingly quiet about any new material that they may be working on, this news may come as a welcome surprise for their fans. In the band the two main songwriters are Ed Droste and Dan Rossen, and drummer Chris Bear is truly the maestro in their live performances, leaving Taylor as the unsung hero of the band. However, taylor proved himself as a quality producer last year after working with Morning Benders on their great album Big Echo, and now he is going a step further to make his own record, titled Dreams Come True, under the moniker CANT (which is sort of ironic, because he’s proving that he can do it).

Even though the album is being touted a solo effort, it has been written and recorded in collaboration with George Lewis Jr., who is probably better known as his stage name Twin Shadow.

Dreams Come True will be released on Taylor’s own Terrible Records (he really likes the self-deprecating names it seems) in North America on September 13th, and Grizzly Bear’s label Warp will see to releasing it everywhere else the day before.

At this point we have no clue as to what the album will sound like, but CANT will be touring as a band later this year, which should be interesting at the very least.

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