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Graham Coxon hints at Blur recording today

By ; February 3, 2011 at 10:07 AM 

The advent of twitter has brought about access to the lives of musicians and other celebrities in a way that I don’t think anyone could have expected, and it’s not just a tool for satisfying curiosity, there are several genuinely interesting things posted on there by celebs and normal people.

One such tweet was posted this morning by Blur’s guitarist Graham Coxon. Annoyingly twitter also allows you to delete tweets so we can’t see or link you to it any more but NME reports that it said “Now off to see the Blur boys and have coffee and maybe switch a tape recorder on!” Of course that could mean that they could be recording a podcast or memoirs or whatever, but it’s unlikely. Especially when you consider a tweet a little while later (which hasn’t been deleted) that says the band are “having a meet up” and “might get a guitar out.”

Dave Rowntree, Blur’s drummer, claimed earlier this year that the band are definitely planning something this year, and I’m sure they would if they could pin down Damon for long enough. Let’s hope that they’ve managed that today and some of the old magic sparks once more.

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