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Gorillaz have not split up

By ; February 9, 2011 at 3:45 PM 

They say bad things always happen in threes. So, when news from People speculated that Gorillaz had joined The White Stripes and LCD Soundsystem for a week of rock and roll darkness, it was easy to believe.

Well, thanks to some investigative reporting from Pitchfork, it seems like this is not the case. Representatives for the animated band say, “despite rumors to the contrary, Gorillaz are alive and well and misbehaving in London W10.” So breathe easy Gorillaz fans.

Still, it could be some time until we see any new material from the group, as Damon Albarn has his work cut-out for him with Blur. But, at least the possibility of new Gorillaz remains. Now, maybe those LCD break-up concert reports will prove false, too? We wish…

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