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Gonjasufi to release new mini-LP in January

By ; November 1, 2011 at 2:47 PM 

For those waiting to hear a proper follow up to Gonjasufi’s A Sufi And A Killer may be disappointed that he is only releasing a mini album, but for someone like Gonjasufi a mini album is still a substantial work.

The mini-LP, entitled MU.ZZ.LE has 10 tracks on it and is set for release through Warp on January 24th (23rd in the UK). For those looking for insight into what it may sound like Gonjasufi has said that “It was me guarding my words and my tongue. These words are less but I feel like I’m saying more.”

MU.ZZ.LE will be available on CD or double 10″ vinyl. Check out the track list below.

MU.ZZ.LE track list:

01. White Picket Fence
02. Feedin’ Birds
03. Nikels and Dimes
04. Rubberband
05. Venom
06. Timeout
07. Skin
08. The Blame
09. Blaksuit
10. Sniffin’

[via Pitchfork]

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