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Girls to perform first nationwide instore event on Friday

By ; September 13, 2011 at 1:10 PM 

Girls Across America. It has a nice ring to it, though it sort of sounds like something that Joe Rogan would host. But, this Girls event won’t involve any drunk sorority girls making out with their best friends for a free hat (at least, we don’t think), and, will rather feature the San Francisco band Girls performing the first nationwide instore event, well, ever.

What does this mean? Well, Girls will actually only be at one record store on Friday, September 16th. That is Grimys in Nashville. But, independent record stores across America are invited to stream the one-time only even on their websites, thus creating the idea of a nationwide instore. Already Other Music, Amoeba, Newbury Comics, Waterloo, Luna, Criminal and Slowtain have signed on, with more stores coming on board each day.

So, tune into your local record store’s Facebook or website at 5pm CST on Friday for a one-time only Girls event. And look out later in the year for an exclusive Girls release at participating stores, as a way to say thanks. Father, Son, Holy Ghost is out today.


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