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Gardland annnouce debut LP, Syndrome Syndrome, on RVNG Intl

By ; September 6, 2013 at 9:28 AM 


Australian off-kilter electronic duo Gardland – composed of musicians Alex Murray and Mark Smith – have just announced plans to release their debut LP, Syndrome Syndrome, on October 29th via RVNG Intl.  The assertive rhythms and “elegantly wasted” sounds (as the band has put it) of the record are based on the group’s collectively conscious ideas of what electronic music can and should be.  Murray and Smith open the floodgates of the past 30 years of electronic music and find some semblance of order among the chaos – though they aren’t opposed to letting the stream of ideas run unchecked from time to time. Check out the full tracklist for Syndrome Syndrome below, as well as a teaser trailer of sorts for their upcoming record.

Syndrome Syndrome tracklist:
01. Grrone
02. Syndrome Syndrome
03. Katarakt
04. One In None
05. Ode To Ode
06. Trepan Heke
07. Magicville
08. Ride Wild Me
09. Success In Circuit
10. Nothing But Not Zero
11. Hell Flur

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