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G-Unit signs with EMI

By ; August 14, 2010 at 11:25 AM 

After a whole lot of chatter as to where G-Unit would end up, they’ve signed with EMI. Earlier speculation pointed at Def Jam, considering crony Sha Money XL has set up shop over there. Yet, now both Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo’s new albums will be released through their new label.

While you’d think this would make 50’s future clear as well, this isn’t necessarily true. After Interscope lost faith in the other artists on Fiddy’s roster, he began seeking out other venues for them. This could simply be that venue. Chances are that 50 signed along with his posse, but the General Manager of the label made no mention of any 50 material, instead speaking of only Banks and Yayo. One would think he’d liked to have focused on the flagship artist of the Unit if he could have. Also adding to my (likely overzealous) scrutiny are 50’s words from earlier this year denying he’d sign with Capitol/EMI.

In any case, heads still loyal to G-Unit around the Internet have been making a fuss about this being the beginning of a second takeover for the group. Doubtful, if you ask me. With enough clever marketing, I’m sure 50 can rediscover a comfortable – if never as commanding as it once was – position in hip hop. Banks is a solid artist, while I’d say Yayo is less so. I’ll give the former some chance of a bigger role in the game, but I doubt either of them will ever create a Young Money-like fervor around 50. Essentially, I see this move as a chance for 50 to boost himself back up, but if he couldn’t manage that at Shady on a Recovery-high, I’m unsure he’ll manage (Black Magic it must have been, because it sure disappeared). Speaking of which, perhaps most interesting is the big question mark this places on the relationships between 50 and Eminem and Dr. Dre – Gatman and Robbin’ no more? At least Game will feel more at home back on Aftermath.

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