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Full details for Veronica Falls’ debut album revealed

By ; July 26, 2011 at 2:42 PM 

A lot of the details for Veronica Falls’ debut album have already been posted here, because we love Veronica Falls and we try to keep you up to date on their happening. But, since we love Veronica Falls we have no qualms about reminding you that their debut album is coming out, and adding a few new details.

The album is self-titled and that’s the strange and irking cover art above, which you can hold in your hands on September 20th when Slumberland Records releases it. Below we have the full track list (older fans will recognise a few tracks on there) and if you haven’t yet downloaded the first song, “Come On Over,” or seen the video for it, you can do all that below too.

Veronica Falls track list:

01. Found Love In a Graveyard
02. Right Side of My Brain
03. The Fountain
04. Misery
05. Bad Feeling
06. Stephen
07. Beachy Head
08. All Eyes On You
09. The Box
10. Wedding Day
11. Veronica Falls
12. Come On Over

Veronica Falls – “Come On Over”

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