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Frightened Rabbit announce new album, due in February

By ; November 8, 2012 at 5:44 AM 

Hot on the tail of the release of their State Hospital EP (their first release since signing to major label Atlantic), Frightened Rabbit have announced the release of their fourth full length album.

Pedestrian Verse will be released on February 5th, and the band themselves are very excited about it, calling it their “most interesting” to date. Those big Frightened Rabbit fans out there might recognise the album’s title as a lyric from “State Hospital,” which will feature again on Pedestrian Verse.

Here’s what singer Scott Hutchison had to say about the title and creation of Pedestrian Verse:

“The title is taken from a lyric in State Hospital. I felt it was a nicely faceted title, with enough layered meaning to remain open to interpretation. Above all though, it was a gauntlet I threw down for myself. If you call your album Pedestrian Verse, you can’t settle for any old lyric. It forced me to better myself. In fact, I think we all stepped up on this album and I believe that our producer Leo Abrahams had a major role in that step. He threw our music into areas we had not previously imagined. More than any other record we’ve done this has been a genuine journey of discovery into new ways of working in order to develop and fully realize each of the songs. As a result, I think Pedestrian Verse the strongest and most interesting record we’ve made to date.”

The cover art can be seen above and the tracklist is below, along with the official video for “State Hospital.”

Pedestrian Verse track list:

01. Acts Of Man
02. Backyard Skulls
03. Holy
04. The Woodpile
05. Late March, Death March
06. December’s Traditions
07. Housing (In)
08. Dead Now
09. State Hospital
10. Nitrous Gas
11. Housing (Out)
12. Oil Slick

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