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French band Alcest reveal new album plans for January

By ; November 15, 2011 at 6:32 PM 

Last year we recommended Alcest’s album Écailles de Lune, and shortly thereafter we lost track of what they were up to. Presumably they toured for a while. But, not for too long, since this coming January they will release Les voyages de l’âme, less than two years on from their last release.

Les voyages de l’âme means “Journeys of the Soul” and will be released in January on various dates, depending on where you live (full details below). Alcest’s website tells us that Les voyages de l’âme “contains the quintessence of the group’s creative work to date.” While their third album will take another step forward sonically, we are assured that there is plenty here for fans of their past work; “”Là où naissent les couleurs nouvelles” would have found its place also on Écailles de lune, “Beings of Light” with its blazing character reminds of the ground-breaking [debut EP] Le secret.”

So when can you buy it? Well, if you’re lucky enough to live in Germany or Austria, you can buy Les voyages de l’âme on January 6th. Then it comes out everywhere else on January 9th, except in North America who will have to wait until January 31st. If you can’t wait that long then look out for the first single “Autre Temps” on December 2nd. The full press release is on their official website.

You can check out a 20 second teaser trailer for Les voyages de l’âme – specifically the single and its video – below.

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