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Franz Ferdinand begin writing fourth studio album

By ; February 15, 2010 at 11:21 PM 

Scottish dance punk group Franz Ferdinand released their third LP, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, last year to reception considerably more tepid than that of their first two blockbusters, 2004’s self-titled debut, and 2005’s Alexander Rodchenko-inspired You Could Have It So Much Better. Despite the large gap between LPs two and three, it seems the band is already preparing new material. In an interview with the BBC, frontman Alex Kapranos discussed writing sessions that had taken place at the house of the band’s guitarist, Nick McCarthy. “We’ve been writing some things, and trying to do things in a different way again,” Kapranos said.

The band is also now wary of press and promotion as a means of building up false hype. “Before the last record, I talked far too much about it as we had the ideas and I made a vow that I wasn’t going to say anything about what we are actually doing until we’ve done it, and then wait about another three weeks,” Kapranos added. So don’t expect some kind of iamamiwhoami build-up, then.

Franz Ferdinand are headlining the Future Music Festival in Australia which begins in Brisbane on February 27.

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