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Frank Ocean: Five Things To Know

By ; January 29, 2014 at 3:18 PM 

Frank Ocean Frank Ocean emerged at a time in music where image seemed to trump content. Acts—whether they be solo or groups—engaged in a flawed game of show-and-tell in which they attempted to demonstrate mastery simply by explaining all of the “excess” that comes along with being in the business. Ocean’s poignant and refreshing take was a breath of fresh air for music lovers who were growing tired of the status quo and longed for a reliable orator for more universal topics. Despite still being in the early stages of his career, Ocean compiled an impressive catalog of songs ranging from mixtape classics to more introspective numbers pulled from channel ORANGE. Despite living his life in the public sphere, Ocean managed to keep an air of mystery about him. Here are five things you may not know. Read the rest of the post on Pepsi Pulse
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