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Foxy Digitalis spotlights rising label Moon Glyph

By ; June 17, 2010 at 1:57 PM 

There are many reasons that I love my home state of Minnesota, and the awesome music scene has always been one of them. But now, more than ever, the Minneapolis area has been getting attention for more than just Prince and Atmosphere.

Moon Glyph is the two year old project of Steve Rosborough, who originally started the label as a way to release his own band’s material. Since then, or more specifically in the last month or two, the label has exploded in popularity, being touted as the next big thing from Gorilla v. Bear and Chocolate Bobka alike. Foxy Digitalis recently did a Q&A with Rosborough, who discussed his label and his thoughts on the bourgeoning limited release market. Read the highlights from the interview and grab an mp3 after the jump.

“In the age of digital,” Rosborough states, “where everything is freely available, I feel that the physical object must justify itself and I hope to do that through the presentation. Without informed and considered packaging, I don’t see many reasons to release music beyond digitally.” He’s certainly not the first person to express these feeling about cassette and vinyl releases, but it’s always great to see independent labels putting a premium on beautiful artwork and outstanding presentation.

Moon Glyph is currently transitioning from a cassette only label into the vinyl market, releasing a label compilation 12″ next month which you can pre-order now. “Minneapolis is currently experiencing an almost overabundance of great, overlooked bands,” Rosborough adds. “As I like to see myself as an artist and Moon Glyph as my art, the progression of the label has been a series of fulfilling moments,” summarizes Rosborough.

MP3: Buffalo Moon – “Beach Boy”

Check out the excellent interview in full, and jump over to the Moon Glyph site to run down their catalogue of amazing releases. Above is my favorite track on the label so far, Buffalo Moon‘s summer anthem “Beach Boy”.

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